Here are just a few reasons why Lightroom presets will change your life:

Now-a-days, simply taking the pictures is not sufficient enough. Your job requires more, and the photo is only half the battle. Your job as a creative photographer requires not only photos, but editing skills as well. Guess what? Adobe Lightroom presets are here to change the way you look at the photography business. With Adobe Lightroom presets, you can create top quality photos that reflect only the highest quality professional experience available. No more frustrating, time consuming edits

Quick definition: Lightroom presets are an array of photo edit settings within Lightroom, which bundle together creating a polished final result. All this with only the click of a button. You, too, can benefit from this simple, yet highly effective photography tool.

Cut the time you spend working in half

As previously stated, you now have the power to beautifully edit your photos, with the click of a button. So you can be out there doing what you truly love (taking the photos, duh!)

We understand that implementing any new software/programs can be intimidating. Often times, doing so will take dedication and time to master. And while we believe it’s important to take the extra time to learn a new program, We also understand that this process is time consuming and can be overwhelming. By utilizing the Presets feature, you’ll be able to simply, beautifully, and efficiently edit your photos.

Ever wonder, would this photograph look more appealing in sepia or a black and white edit? A vibrant color ensemble, or an old school vintage theme? Lightroom presets provide an array of unique, one of a kind presets right at your fingertips. So you can easily try various edits, to analyze which preset is best fit for each unique photo, or even an entire photo session. *Tip from our expert: Hover over different presets in Lightroom, and you will be able to see a preview of exactly how that preset will look when applied to your photo.*.

Smooth Flow

Once you’ve completed a photo shoot, editing the full session of photos by using the same presets throughout the entire photo shoot will create a more consistent, well-balanced look. In comparison to editing each individual photo, which will result in an inconsistent set of photographs. Consistency is key.

Customizable to YOU

Let’s say, you have a preset that you use all the time. You love it, but insist on always having to make small adjustments to it in order to create your perfect look. On the flip side, maybe your own personal style has developed over time, and you have a different view on how you’d like your photos to be edited? Don’t sweat it. Any Preset you select in Lightroom is fully customizable, easy as a click or two away.

To sum it up, you now have a thorough understanding of what Lightroom presets are, and their ability to significantly lessen the time you set aside for editing your pictures. Lightroom presets will open your eyes to a whole new world full of imagination, it’s time for you to open yours.[/fusion_text][/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]